Ducted – Low Static – System

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Operation for Multiple Rooms:

Using a spiral duct (embedded or flexible type)
and stream chamber, it is possible to operate
cooling and heating for several rooms simultaneously.

E.S.P. Control:

E.S.P. (External Static Pressure) control function can
make air volume controlled easily with remote controller.
The BLDC motor can control fan speed and air volume
regardless of the external static pressure. No additional
accessories are necessary to control air flow.

Two Thermistors Control

The indoor temperature can be checked using the
thermistors in the remote controller, as well as from the
indoor unit to sensor temperature difference in one place.

Minimised Height:

Low Static ducts provide ideal solution
for installation in limited space.

Flexible Installation:

The new low static duct allows the air intake
at the rear or bottom under installation condition.